Wednesday, August 17, 2005

There is no dead rubber!

Yes. That’s the biggest outcome of this Ashes series. In the past, Australia has steam rolled England and ashes as a contest never existed. This time it’s different. Whatever happens in Trent Bridge in the fourth test, England & Australia will have everything to fight for in The Oval as well! With the tests tied at 1-1 after 3 tests, there is no dead rubber, this time around! What a series! I believe that Australia is favorites to win this year as well…the reasons are simple. England has played their best game in the past 2 tests and the outcome has been…a win by 2 runs and a draw! Australia has not played anywhere up to their potential. They seem to be carrying a lot of passengers in their playing XI, once these passengers (read Gillespie, Hayden) are discarded/find their form; Australia should be hot to handle. England seems to be the favorites for everyone, but write off Australia at your own peril!

Guess what they are saying to each other: "We should open the batting as well!" ;-)

pic courtesy: cricinfo


At Mon Aug 22, 05:44:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

""We should open the batting as well!" ;-)"

Thats a good one :-)

At Tue Aug 30, 02:34:00 AM EDT, Blogger Ganesh said...

exactly, anyone can open the batting other than hayden !

i used to get into an argument with one of my ex-colleagues as he felt "very strongly" that hayden would reach 35+ hundreds before sachin.

leave alone hundreds, ask hayden to get to 35+ scores now !


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