Saturday, August 06, 2005

Felipe Massa – test driver?

Honestly, that was my first reaction when I heard that Felipe Massa is going to join Ferrari next year, I though he was going to join in as a test driver for Ferrari. But then when I heard that he is going to replace Rubens in Ferrari next year, I was surprised (to say the least)!

Ferrari should have definitely gone for a better driver. Agreed that the team is centered around Michael, but that is no excuse not to go for a better driver. For all you know that could have been Michael’s (its not that Michael is short of motivation, you just had to watch the last race – Hungary. It was the exactly the same car but the difference between Michael & the other Ferrari was there for everyone to see) motivation for next year!

It is sad to see Rubens Barrichello go, the tifosi/tifoc are really grateful to him for having played a perfect no 2 role in Ferrari. Ferrari have won the constructors championship every year since he has joined Ferrari in 2000 and coincidentally Michael has been the champion every year as well!


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