Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lance Armstrong – Le Champion!

I must admit that I have no idea about what a green jersey, red polka dot jersey or white jersey stood for quite a long time. All I knew is that the leader wore a yellow jersey...and that was simple cos Lance Armstrong always wore it! ;-) But what prompted me to follow the tour de France for the last few years was the fact that one man was taking on all that life had to throw at him.

Photo – Collage of my LIVESTRONG band and Lance.

Given the circumstances, just competing in all these races would have been a great achievement, but to win it every single year is truly remarkable. Hats off to you, Lance! Every so often, sports throw up these great moments…moments which inspire day to day people in real life. Even people who have no clue about cycling or Lance Armstrong are looking up to his achievement for hope & inspiration.

The remarkable thing about his achievement is that he has made sure that people will remember him for his achievement on the cycle rather than feeling compassionate about his fight against cancer.

A toast to a real life Champion!


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