Saturday, August 06, 2005

There is a new way to follow cricket…

Some said it was out, others disagreed, some of them cribbed about the tv commentary, all of them had ideas…a lot of them were passionate…and everyone clicked on refresh @ click/second & noticed that there was always new information there!

If you still haven’t got it, I am referring to Prem Panicker’s Sight Screen. A blog that is a boon to cricket followers!

Suddenly I found a new way to follow cricket, where passionate people around the world were posting their own take on the game. I saw around 1300 comments for a game & thought to myself… that if on a weekend & without Sachin/Saurav playing it can attract 1300 comments, I was confident that 5000 was just a matter of days.

But then came the idiots (I wanted to call them morons, but wiki says morons have a better IQ level than idiots, so I know that these guys are not morons)…& have spoilt the fun for everyone and have forced Prem to disable anonymous comments.

Honestly Prem’s passion for cricket cannot be questioned. I was astonished by way he was typing in answers to each & everyone and doing it with such enthusiasm like a new bloggie on the web. He encouraged people to comment, opened up discussion boards and blogged about every piece of cricket news that was available. Honestly, he was one of the reasons why I am not blogging anything about cricket these days. ;-) The other is Cricket 24 x 7 - All the cricket. Both these guys analyze all the piece of cricket news that is there in the world & after reading them…I have nothing to blog about cos these guys have already blogged about every cricket topic possible! ;-)

I just wanted to post this to tell Prem that for 1 stupid guy out there, there are 1000’s of silent people who visit your blog & enjoy your blog, writing & comments. Thank you Prem.

P.S: I used to remind this guy that C is for cricket and not cows but now I know the reason, why he does not blog about cricket anymore! ;-)


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