Friday, August 12, 2005

Prince regains the throne!

Welcome back Ganguly! :) Almost everyone (I am sure that it includes Ganguly) and including yours truly had doubts whether Ganguly would be reinstated as the captain – which precisely proves that Ganguly is not delivering. While his record as a captain is not bad, it doesn’t take too much time to figure out that as a player his batting sucks, bowling is on wane & fielding is non existent! Ganguly has forced his way into the team based on his captaincy records, which I feel is very well deserved. But he now has to deliver. I personally feel that the selectors or the chairman of the selectors should tell him very clearly that he must deliver now or he must quit on his own rather than being forced out. I personally feel that India’s most successful captain should go out on his own terms rather than being publicly humiliated & thrown out.


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