Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lance Armstrong – Le Champion!

I must admit that I have no idea about what a green jersey, red polka dot jersey or white jersey stood for quite a long time. All I knew is that the leader wore a yellow jersey...and that was simple cos Lance Armstrong always wore it! ;-) But what prompted me to follow the tour de France for the last few years was the fact that one man was taking on all that life had to throw at him.

Photo – Collage of my LIVESTRONG band and Lance.

Given the circumstances, just competing in all these races would have been a great achievement, but to win it every single year is truly remarkable. Hats off to you, Lance! Every so often, sports throw up these great moments…moments which inspire day to day people in real life. Even people who have no clue about cycling or Lance Armstrong are looking up to his achievement for hope & inspiration.

The remarkable thing about his achievement is that he has made sure that people will remember him for his achievement on the cycle rather than feeling compassionate about his fight against cancer.

A toast to a real life Champion!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Advantage Test Cricket!

Let us forget for a moment the score at end of day three. As they say, there are Lies, Damned Lies and statistics. The score just does not give the complete picture of this amazing Ashes test match. It does not keep track of the blows that Hayden, Langer or Ponting received! The first 3 days have definitely justified the hype for this series!

pic courtesy: cricinfo

Being a neutral & watching this series is fantastic. I can just enjoy cricket without the heartbreaks & tensions… but wait a I neutral? No way…not till there’s a certain Shane Keith Warne playing! ;-)…yeah & talking about Warney, here’s his first ball in ashes…aka (more popularly) the ‘Ball of the Century’

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Quiz time '?'

Name the team that has the following starting line up?

SC Joseph
XM Marshall
RS Morton
N Deonarine

did you say Canada? Holland?..or have you been really crazy (like me) and following the WI vs SL test? ;-)

Yes, it is the West Indies test team…The full line up looks like this.

screen courtesy: Cricinfo

And what is surprising is that they are not doing too bad…i.e too bad by their standards. They are actually doing much better than when Lara, Sarwan and Gayle were there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mourinho is Beautiful!

I almost forgot that I had a blog, ;-) till I came across this.

This is what Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has to say about David Dein performing his dual role (Arsenal vice-chairman and FA) and Chelsea getting a raw deal in the EPL fixtures:

“I don't think we are so ugly as to be treated like devils and I don't think Mr Wenger (Arsene, the Gunners manager) and Mr David Dein and so on are so beautiful to be treated like angels."

"After Champions League games Chelsea always have to play away from home and Arsenal are always at home. You have nothing to write about that?” (to the journalists)

"Or is Jose Mourinho the only one who can look at the fixtures and find something very strange?

Alluding to fines he has received from the FA, he said: "I think with the money I had to pay them last season, they should sign somebody for that job

Source: BBC; You can read the full article here

Go Mourinho, Go! :)

You can either love him or hate him, you just can’t be neutral and it is very hard to ignore him! :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NYC 2012 countdown to the Olympics!

The 14 hours countdown to the Olympics vote has begun in NYC. It is being held in Rockefeller Plaza & below is some of the photos (taken a couple of hours ago) from the event.

Less than 11 hours to go, NYC is a long shot! Paris are the favorites, followed by London.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Golden boot in 2006 World Cup!

Move over Ronaldo & Ronaldinho..the latest brazil sensation is Adriano & He is not a complete man as Ronaldinho…but seems a perfect striker. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the golden boot in Berlin next year. I watched the confederation cup final where Brazil thrashed Argentina 4-1 (rem Brazil without Ronaldo) & thought to myself “Oh, boy 2006 WC is sealed”. Brazil just plays amazing football & it looks so pleasing to the eyes & you can see that football comes naturally to them…. & btw I believe they have another star in the waiting called Robinho! I say just give the WC to Brazil! ;-)