Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Best team lost!

“The Best team lost”, “The Best team lost”, “The Best team lost”, “The Best team lost”. Jose Mourinho said four times in a row yesterday after his team was fairly & squarely beaten by Liverpool. One could probably pardon him for being such a loser! He was probably predicting today’s game!

In today’s Champion’s league semifinal, PSV did everything possible. They still lost. They were the best team of the day. They had lost due to Home Disadvantage!

Personally, I would have been happy to see a Liverpool vs PSV final. That would have been a battle of the equals & both teams would have played attacking and entertaining football. Now my fear is that this game will be a repeat of Liverpool vs Chelsesa second leg. Rafael Benitez would know that Milan is a stronger side & may go for the same tactics that took him to the Final. They will just look for an odd goal & then defend as if their life depended on it.

Milan is favorites to win but Liverpool are more desperate for the Champions league trophy than any other team. May 25th in Istanbul should be a cracker of a game. No Home or Away. It is just one game & the winner takes it all.

P.S: Can any one tell me what Michael Owen is thinking now? ;-) I’ll tell you, funny game, this football is! :)


At Thu May 05, 03:41:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

Read this?

Check out what Mourinho has to say at the end of that article :-)

At Thu May 05, 02:59:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...

I saw that...these days coaches (Sir Alex Freg does this quite often) say these things so that the referee thinks twice in the future...they know that nothing can change the past...they just wasnt to put pressure on the referee in the future ;-)


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