Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Chelsea stay put at Stamford Bridge!

When I saw the match between Chelsea & Bayern Munich in a local bar about a month back, Chelsea were dominant & thrashed Bayern 4-2. The same day AC Milan beat Inter 2-0. When AC Milan scored the second goal, all the Chelsea supporters started the chants (pointing towards the AC Milan supporters) “See you in Instanbul”, “See you in Instanbul”, “See you in Instanbul”.

Tonight the dream is over. Chelsea is not going anywhere. They were just a shadow of how they played against Bayern. They were probably tired (I am sure that this would be the excuse/reason that is going to be used quite a lot, P.S: I still have not seen seen/heard any reactions from Liverpool/Chelsea, I am posting this as soon as I came back after seeing the game on tv) but that is still no good reason for not trying hard! Credit should go to Liverpool for having come out with a plan & executed it perfectly. Their defense was good. But not brilliant. Eidur Gudjohnsen had a chance in the 6th minute of injury time to seal it. The goalkeeper was beaten, but still (agonizingly!) he hit it across the face of the goal. If he had scored, Chelsea would have been through. Read the reason here.

Roman Abramovich clapped & cheered his players, Jose Mourinho hugged them, put his arms around & showed no disappointment. Chelsea deserve to have their heads high, except for the games against Liverpool in Champions League, they have been oustanding. Now can Rafael Benitez emulate Jose Mourinho and win the Champions League (he has already won the UEFA cup with Valencia, the last man to do that was Jose Mourinho)??

Though, I would have liked Chelsea to win, I am not dissapointed, all I need is an English team to lift the cup in Instabul, if Liverpool can do it, I am more than pleased for them. Actually I am slightly happy, okay make it mischievously happy…why?..are you asking me why..? Its elementary my dear Watson, its elementary…the last English club to do a treble was who..? say it again…who was it..? yeah…it was the Red Devils ;-) I am more than happy that it stays that way! :)


At Wed May 04, 08:18:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

Personally I'd loved to see a Chelsea-AC Milan final. But kudos to Liverpool. What a game they played and what defence they put up!! Didn't even give half chances to Chelsea. The one that Gudjohnsen got in the dying seconds was a golden chance. But Chelsea too looked very jaded and the energy I was looking for after the EPL title was missing. But credit should also be given to Liverpool for the way they played. Great marking and superbly controlled the midfield.

What do you think of that goal? I was surprised that there wasn't a camera angle that could tell if the ball crossed the line or not. Can't they have one parallel to the goal post?
But anyway, wouldn't have made such a big difference. As benitez said it could have also been a red card for Cech and a penalty for the Reds.

At Wed May 04, 08:22:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

I feel that Chelsea's missing piece in their jigsaw puzzle is a quality striker. For a club that has some quality defence and midfielders, their striking prowess is not complete. I still doubt Drogba's value in this team (for 24m pounds). He has missed so many chances this season in EPL and CL. Duff if fit, would have made a real difference instead of Drogba.

At Wed May 04, 08:27:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

btw, I have some lovely stats lined up about Chelsea.

Check out my comment on Money can buy love. :-)

At Wed May 04, 12:29:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...

Maverick, to me when I saw the goal & again on the replays it looked defintely that it was a goal. I agree with you on the camera angle....Champions league & they do NOT have that angle...are they kidding?

Chelsea suddenly seems a strker short, in the middle of the season they had 1 great player for every position in the bench...I thik as you pointed out Duff would have made the diiference...also a fully fit Arjen Robben.

I will use the lovely stats in my post...thanks Maverick

At Wed May 04, 06:56:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...

yeah & if that was not a goal it cld have been a yellow/red for Cech and a penalty..

At Wed May 04, 07:37:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...

btw I saw one more replay today & I started to have doubts on the goal!...I dont think its definite...looks like it was very close..:)


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