Wednesday, May 04, 2005

1 over of googly!

Ball 1: Maverick points out in one of the comments about Chelsea’s statistics (read the entire article here). The last line sums it up brilliantly “The Premiership has proved to be an expensive cup to buy - but to the fans, it will be worth every penny”. Thanks Maverick for the information.

Ball 2: While talking about money & football, there is this another controversy that is going on...with Malcolm Glazer trying to buy Manchester united. Unlike the Chelsesa situation, I think this will work out exactly the opposite way…I agree with the fans, Malcum will make the club poorer not richer (unlike how Roman brought laurels to Chelsea, Malcolm might do the exact opposite). The fans have now demanded a match boycott (Read it all here)

Ball 3: BAR could be thrown out of F1 this season if found guilty of intentionally running an underweight car. Read it all here. This is just too much, are the F1 bosses insane?

Ball 4: In the NBA playoffs (without Lakers in the playoffs!), Detroit are now through to their second round play offs. And it looks like the the Lakers might go to Phil Jackson again! Read it here

Ball 5: 1462 runs were scored in 5 days in 2 innings & 31 overs. A really bad advertisement for test cricket! Ganguly should probably visit the ground for batting practice ;-). Are you asking me which ground…oh!...the same ground where Lara made 375 & then again 400 (lets not take anything away from Lara, he is a genius!). If you want to know more about the road where they played this game read it here

Ball 6: Jose Mourinho will be around for 5 more years!! (read it here)..Chelsea have not done a Claudio Raineri on him ;-) (Claudio took Chelsea to the CL semifinals & still was sacked, okay okay…Jose is miles ahead oh him, but still cant avoid taking a jab at Chelsea ;-)


At Thu May 05, 03:30:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

Ball 1: No problem.Some more stats in the next post. :-)

Ball 2: I have been in Tampa and had been to a Bucs game there and I have even seen the Bucs pretty upclose in a function there. The general opinion about Malcolm is not the same as it is in Old Trafford. The Bucs and their fans seem to be respect him a lot and consider him as one of the important factors in Bucs winning the world championship there. But I am not sure about his intentions of buying Man U. I have my doubts that he is simply going for ManU's bank vaults.

Ball 3: If the allegation was just running an underweight car, even I would have thought it is not a mistake worth banning them from F1 this season. But doing that along with designing a hidden secondary fuel tank ( inexcusable .

Ball 4: Lakers not the same force anymore. And with Shaq taking Miami to the next round, Lakers and Kobe can only sit back and watch TV. But I am all fingers crossed waiting for game 6 of Mavs vs Rockets. I am just hoping that Mavericks would put it across and get through 4-2. Go Nowitzki!!!

Ball 5: Unbelievably boring dead test match. I watched it for a while and felt sorry for Lara. When Lara was playing like only how he can in the earlier matches, the rest of the lineup failed miserably to offer him any kind of support. And when the series is lost, they come up with scores like this. Gayle's 317 is just academic and is of no use in this series in which he failed in the first 4 tests. Windies missed his explosive starts. But it was Nel who was all responsible of the Windies top order collapses this series and the Proteas desperately missed him in this test. And, this windies bowling lineup hardly has any teeth. Inzy and co would be waiting to go out there.

Ball 6:After the EPL triumph, this was expected.Jose, the highest earning manager now.

At Thu May 05, 03:34:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

David Beckham is still the richest soccer player in the world, according to a study published Tuesday by France Football magazine.

The Real Madrid midfielder does not make the highest yearly salary in world soccer but his commercial endorsements and image rights increase his takings to 25 million pounds(US$37.4 million).

Soccer's richest coach, the study says, is Chelsea's Jose Mourinho, who has already earned 7.5 million pounds (US$9.7 million) in salary and bonuses -- which could rise further if the Blues win the Champions League.

Beckham takes home the same yearly wage as Real Madrid teammates Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane -- 6.4 million pounds (US$8.26 million).

Ronaldo's total yearly income is estimated at 19.6 million pounds(US$25.3 million) placing him second on the list, while French midfielder Zidane pockets is third with a total of 13 million pounds (US$16.8 million).

Of the 20 richest players in the world, Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has the highest wage of 7.6 million pounds (US$9.8 million) but limited commercial interests mean his overall income stops at 9.4 million pounds(US$12.1 million) -- placing him sixth in the world.

Internazionale striker Christian Vieri, with 12 million pounds (US$15.5 million), and Alessandro Del Piero of Juventus, with 9.5 million pounds(US$12. 3 million), are fourth and fifth respectively.

Eight of the top 20 play in the English Premier League. The next wealthiest after Lampard is Thierry Henry (Arsenal), followed by John Terry (Chelsea), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United), Roy Keane (Manchester United), Patrick Vieira (Arsenal), Sol Campbell (Arsenal) and Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United).

Long-serving Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson is the second-wealthiest coach with 6 million pounds(US$7.7 million), followed by England coach Sven Goran Eriksson on 5.8 million pounds(US$ 7.5 million). Arsenal's Arsene Wenger gets 4.4 million pounds(US$5.7 million).

At Thu May 05, 02:57:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...


Tampa Bay Bucs needed a Big daddy, so Malcolm is probably like Roman there. Man Utd does not need a Malcolm & his intentions are not quite clear. Btw when they won the super bowl against oak raiders I was there!

BAR..just heard that 2 races for team & drivers. This sounds fair...but as you said its inexcusable.

yes wizards beat bulls in the last second...literally last second..what a game!

Becks is my fav ;-) I am a lil angry with Man U for having let him U does not have a midfield replacement for him...its no surprise, all the usual (EPL, spanish, italian) suspects are there in the top! :)


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