Thursday, May 12, 2005

Losers all!

If there is one team in the world of Cricket that tries very hard to lose the matches, then it’s got to be the West Indies. They just work towards their defeat! Nothing else! Remember World Cup 96 semifinal…Walsh went for glory in that final over against Fleming, when Richardson the captain (who had announced his retirement) was at the other end with 4 balls to spare….I am not even going to talk about the league match against Kenya in the same world Cup.

How can a team loose from being at 281/6 chasing 285 to win in 7 balls? It’s only possible by West Indies! No other team in world cricket can ever match their spineless performances. I just don’t get this…even if the team members are stupid, cant the captain or coach tell the players just to put bat on ball??...2 of them bowled, 1 of them lbw for a hatrick…pathetic!

Elsewhere, I saw the Arsenal vs Everton game, what a drubbing!...another sign that Everton will struggle in Champions league & EPL next year (unless they don’t sign any good players in the summer)….Did you see the smile on Henry, Bergkamp faces?.. even Arsene Wenger was smiling! They treated Everton like a schoolboy team.

NBA is getting hot now…except the Heats & Spurs games…the other 2 games could go down to the wire.


At Fri May 13, 02:43:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

I saw both the games. Windies showed how to chase the target of 285 and also how to lose it once you reach an easy winning position. I have seen matches thrown away (many a time by Indians) in the past, but this would rank at the top. You should have seen the reaction in the windies dressing room. It was all gloom after the match. But credit to Langeveldt, he bowled a superb over with such precision line and length and also got the deadly reverse swing going for him with which he got the last 2 wickets.

Arsenal-Everton was just the way Arsenal wanted to finish their season to thank their fans for their support. Bergkamp was just simply superb.Everton's marking inside the D and their defence was pathetic and they deserved to lose that way. You are right about Everton struggling in Europe if they don't have a quality midfield and defense. I feel sorry for Liverpool who are more deserving to be in CL next season.

NBA - Good news first. Mavericks did what I initally thought would be impossible. Beating the Suns at their home. What a finish it was and I am glad that it is 1-1 and the show moves on to Dallas now. Makes it all the more interesting.

Miami Heat seems to be running away with the tie after the game 3 win. I don't see the Wizards coming back in anyway.

And I was surprised to see the Sonics pull out a win in game 3 and make it 2-1 for Spurs now. Tight match, that with Duncan missing the hooter shooter and Sonics winning by 1. We have got some fight now.

And I hope the Pistons-Pacers also go down to the wire to make it interesting but my gut feeling says that Pistons won't have much problems in getting through.

Tifoc, Whom do you think would be the Eastern and Western champs this time?

At Sat May 14, 09:33:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...


I did not see the cricket match, just followed it on net. It must have been real fun to watch the dressing room! ;-)

You are right on, about Liverpool not automatically qualifying for CL...I am just hoping for Liverpool to win the CL & UEFA seeing sense at the end of the day & allowing Liverpool in CL. With Everton’s current form, they might even struggle to qualify for CL (since Man U & Everton will have to pay the pre-qualifying games for CL)

NBA - looks like you are obviously rooting for Dallas! :) with the name! ;-), if I had typed in the reply yesterday. I would have gone for Mavs for Western...but after seeing Mavs yesterday, now I think it will either be Suns or Spurs...since you had asked for a prediction...I will go for Spurs in Western.

Eastern, I will have to go for Heats...shaq is on fire..he sure wants to prove a thing or two to lakers & 'kid' (as he refers to kobe) ;-) and even w/o are too good!

At Mon May 16, 02:29:00 AM EDT, Blogger Ganesh said...

leave alone all these, if a man called dippenaar is allowed to score 317 runs @ 105.66 in 5 odis, nothing is right with the opposition.

At Mon May 16, 04:30:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

Whoa !! NBA playoffs this year rocks !! Except for Miami Heat winning 4-0, the rest all are squared up at 2-2. I was thrilled to see Mavs win game 4. What a game it was. To quote Steve Kerr...
'The Dallas Mavericks made a very interesting adjustment in their Game 4 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night. They decided to cover Steve Nash with multiple defenders, using their depth to take turns on the MVP in an effort to wear him down. The result? Nash had one of the most amazing yet strangest games of his career.

Nash torched Dallas for 48 points – including 35 in the second half – but the NBA's leading assist man dished out only five assists against nine turnovers. The Suns never got the balanced scoring that makes them so tough to beat.'

Hi :-) . Did you see the 5-0 whitewash yday? btw, does the 20 overs a side count as an ODI game? Wasn't it a rule of min 25 overs a side to qualify as an ODI? Anyway, it was a whitewash and it was Boeta again who steered the Proteas yday. I can't really comment about his class but he seems to be in good vein of form and making full use of it. Well, lookin at the windies bowling lineup, all of the south african batsmen seem good. Inzy and co. waiting !!!

At Mon May 16, 04:09:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...


Interesting statistic about the game...I never knew that Dippenear was the man of the series. Only after reading your comment, I checked out all the scorecards & found out what you were saying...and also read this "Dippenear was not originally in the one-day squad, and played in the first game of this series to allow AB de Villiers to rest".

WI is reaching new depths! What is more worrying is that there are not too many promising youngsters that are coming up from WI. The future looks bleak as well.

At Mon May 16, 04:37:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...


saw the nba games..the tactic was pretty obvious in yesterdays game. Seems to be some good thinking by Mavs coach. Will be interesting to see how Nash responds. He is too good & intelligent as I think he will definitely come back with a different approach.

Mavs, about a couple of years back they had changed the min amount of overs to 20. So now 20 overs constitute a ODI game.

At Thu May 19, 06:31:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

He definitely came back with a different approach :-)

Named the MVP and played like one -Steve Nash

At Thu May 19, 03:19:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...

Oh Yes Maverick! Nash is just too good!


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