Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From bikinis to test status…the weekend beat!

Btw did you know that the show on Sunday night was called Miss Universe…believe it or not? Yes it’s called Miss Universe. They had the majority of judges from NBC, made sure that the show was telecast live on 9:00 PM EST when prime time starts…which means that the show had to start in Bangkok at 8:00 AM local time. Yes 8:00 AM start! But who cares… what the heck…its owned by NBC & Trump and they had it their way. Had 5 finalists from continent ‘America’ (but to be fair, they were definitely the best)…yet they called it Miss Universe? ;-)…someones got to be kidding. After all this, some of the prizes that they announced for the winner were so paltry; (winners of reality shows & tv shows in US get 5 – 10 times more than that) If US is not interested in it, why continue to meddle with it? But am happy with the winner..;-)…the first time I saw her on the show was convinced that she was the favorite…had a familiar looking face, for a moment I thought she might be one of the very many Punjabi kudis that have settled there!

Anyway during the same time…the Suns Vs Spurs was going on…In the battle of flesh vs Nash, I went in for flesh ;-) but switched back in time to see Stoudemire & Nash prevent a sweep. Not sure for how long. Spurs are too good for Suns. One man stands out for me: Ginobili

In F1, the god continues to disappoint. But some thing tells me Montreal could be the turning point (partly cos he has won there 7 times) for at least a podium finish. Really disappointed for Raikonen in Nurburgring! Such a nice, cool guy…why him?...why not Alonso? ;-)

Bangladesh continues to ask questions, not on the pitch, but off it…should they be a test playing nation? It’s a perfect catch 22 situation, only if they get more opportunities will they improve, but if you give them opportunities, they embarrass themselves & test cricket. Hopefully the next test will go at least till tea on third day! ;-)


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