Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You'll Never Walk Alone!

The Mother of all comebacks! – At half time everyone (including yours truly) thought it’s going to be a bloodbath – The reds proved otherwise. What a crazy game!

5 English teams in Champions League next year (It’s got to happen now, Liverpool have to defend next year). Wow! Suddenly English are the pride of Europe!


At Thu May 26, 05:26:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Maverick said...

Where did you read that UEFA agreed for 5 slots from FA for next season's CL? UEFA still stands by its rules and said that there would only be 4 slots for FA. So no place for Liverpool, as of now. Check this -

I personally wish to see them defend their title next year. What a comeback and what a final!!!

IMO, Milan was the better team yesterday and dominated the game throughout except for the first 10 mins in the 2nd half. What a heartbreak it would have been for Shevchenko and Kaka? They deserve better than the second place in Serie A and Champions league.

At Thu May 26, 03:56:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...

Maverick, that was just my prediction. I am just hoping that the pressure from everyone will get to UEFA & that they will finally succumb to common sense. Today if there is one thing that is agreed by everyone (English teams, opponents, rest of Europe) it is that Liverpool should be given a chance to defend CL next year. Apologies, if it sounded like news.

Kaka was amazing. The pass for third goal was a moment of individual brilliance!


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