Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dada to Dawood

Event 1: John Wright quits as India coach.

Event 2: Saurav Ganguly suspended for 6 matches

Picture the events one by one and THEN together. Do you get it?

Yes the gods are smiling with sarcasm. What more do I need to do? Why on earth can’t these guys make the connection?

Thanks God. We finally got it. Yes …Ganguly must take over as the coach. Yes you heard it right & you first heard it here.

Ganguly has been the non-playing captain for a long time & it is no secret that the only reason he was kept in the team was because of his captaincy records. Now why on earth can’t he be made the coach? He has the passion, team spirit, knack of spotting talent, forging a fighting unit and is a non-partisan Indian.

Now the thoughts that immediately come to your minds are is that enough? Shouldn’t a coach be technical? Have coaching experience? Have knowledge on Physical training aspect? Etc.

But wait, we have seen Ganguly only as a player & have no idea whether Ganguly has it in him to be a coach. Remember a coach does not have to run 4 rounds in the cricket ground, does not have to work out for hours in the gym, does not have to undergo the batting, bowling & fielding practice. He must only participate & recommend all these to the players. Ganguly would be reluctant to carry drinks to the pitch, but he would be more than happy to order some one to do the same. Get the picture? ;-)

To Ganguly’s credit he has forged a fighting team which for the first time in a very very long time has only one objective: “Indian Win”. No regional politics. No individual records.

Who said coaches have to be old, have a paunch, played active cricket 15 years ago. This is the time to break the stereotypes. India needs to be innovative & think differently. Ganguly is the man..from King to Kingmaker.

and remember you first heard it here


At Tue Apr 26, 06:57:00 PM EDT, Blogger Elijah said...

cricket?...isnt that an indigenous crop dweller in western canada and northern africa?

At Tue Apr 26, 08:09:00 PM EDT, Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ganguly has to be a spectator and watch the gang play.

By the way...I came from Kiruba..to your blog. Good start.

Have fun.!! I'll be your reader.

At Wed Apr 27, 04:50:00 PM EDT, Blogger tifoc said...

Thanks Elijaj & Narayanan for dropping by.


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